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Kudasai gourmet rolls
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California rolls (6pièces)
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Maki rolls (6pièces)
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Spring rolls (6pièces)
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Sashimi (6 pièces)
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Nigiri (2 pièces)
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Kudasai Urban Fusion Cuisine

Ideally located in Luxembourg, the Kudasai Urban Fusion Cuisine restaurant invites you to discover its gourmet Asian cuisine.

Our menu has been carefully developed by our team to delight the taste buds of sushi gourmets.

As a specialty , we offer a range of “Kudasai Gourmets rolls” creations.

At the Sushi Train parades a farandole of flavors: Sushi, Makis, California Rolls, Spring Rolls, Sashimis ... that you can enjoy in a Japanese atmosphere

Terms of delivery

Deliveries within a radius of 8km maximum
From 0 to 2km for orders of minimum 25 €
From 2 to 5km for orders of minimum 35 €
From 5 to 8km for orders of minimum 50 €

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Special Promotion!

For all orders of minimum 50 €

A free Asahi beer!

For all orders of minimum 70 €

Free bottle of Korean Jinro Soju!